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Carbon Monoxide the Slient Killer.

So sad to hear in the news that another life was lost recently to Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Ventilation is so important within your home to prevent this from happening to you and your family. There are many ways to make sure there is adequate ventilation in your home and most are quite easy to do.  One of the 1st steps you can do yourself is buy a carbon Monoxide Alarm.

Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless poisonous gas and is a common yet preventable cause of death from poisoning worldwide. Approximately half of the deaths from unintentional CO poisonings result from the inhalation of smoke from fires. Other significant causes are vehicle exhausts and deaths in industrial / commercial settings. On average between 1 and 2 people die each year in Ireland from unintentional CO poisoning in the home in incidents related to domestic heating or other fossil fuel installations in the home (i.e. excluding the inhalation of smoke from fires).

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