Ecocel Cellulose Insulation

Ecocel Cellulose Insulation

A guide to Ecocel Cellulose Insulation

What is Ecocel Insulation?

Ecocel is a eco-friendly home insulation product which  is made from recycled newspapers.  This  compares favourably with all other imported alternatives.

Ecocel cellulose is suitable for the insulation of Attics and Lofts. Application is suitable not just for new homes, but also for old homes, apartments and other commercial buildings.

Cellulose Ecocel Insulation

Why Choose Ecocel Cellulose Insulation?


Ecocel, cellulose insulation is a sustainable and energy efficient product.  It  uses locally sourced paper and inorganic salts. The salts make the cellulose safe in a fire and acts as a natural pesticide to unwanted pests.

Ecocel cellulose insulation outperforms synthetic insulation Thermally, Acoustically and Carbon Footprint

Ecocel cellulose insulation is a natural product which can hold moisture and then let it go, this then creates healthier indoor air quality as it can breathe.

Ecocel can be a more suitable product in retrofit situations as the installation of cellulose provides an air tight membrane. In a retrofit situation often it is not cost effective to fit an air tight membrane which is required to maintain synthetic materials, therefore, in retrofits, synthetic fibres need replacing every 10-15 years.

Ecocel, due to it’s natural fibres will last the life span of the building

Ecocel cellulose insulation is manufactured in Cork.

Ecocel, cellulose insulation is the only cellulose insulation manufactured in the British Isles.

Ecocel cellulose insulation keeps buildings warmer and healthier. It reduces heating costs and CO2 emissions.

Ecocel has just been issued with an EPD by the Irish Green Building Council to go with Ecocel Agrement Certificate. Ecocel creates 0.31kgs of Co2 to make 1kg of product compared to average insulation which creates 4kgs of Co2 to make 1kg of product

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