External Insulation

External Insulation

Wrap your home in a nice cosy blanket with External Wall Insulation

External Insulation is a simple and easy way of thermally upgrading homes and buildings to prevent heat loss of up to 35%.  This can be done without much disruption as all works can be carried out whilst the buildings are occupied.

What is External Insulation?

External insulation is a thick board of insulation (100mm Platinum or similar) fixed onto the outside of your home with a brand new render (plaster) finish. The finish coat is pre-coloured so there is no painting required afterwards. The installation can be carried out while the building is occupied, so External Wall Insulation is a simple and easy option to reduce heat loss by up to 35%.


What are the advantages of External Wall Insulation?

  • Reduced CO2 Emissions
  • Stops condensation
  • Helps prevent mould and fungus growth
  • Increases Thermal Efficiency
  • Stops draughts
  • Lowers heating cost
  • Improved Aesthetic Finish
  • No Reduction in interior floor space
  • You won’t have to paint your the external render for at least 10 years (unless you want to).


So what is Soltherm External Wall Insulation?

Soltherm is the render (plaster) manufacturer we use. Soltherm hold certification from NSAI as a system supplier.

Soltherm Insulation works instantly. Your home will feel distinctly warmer during the colder months and cooler in the summer months. All year round your home will retain heat for longer thereby reducing the need to be running those boilers so much!

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