SEAI Grants

SEAI Grants

SEAI grants

If your home was built pre 2011 it may need multiple upgrades to increase comfort levels and reduce your energy bills.  There are many different grant options available through the SEAI to do this.

In February 2022, The Government have approved a number of different packages to make it easier and more affordable for homeowners to undertake home energy upgrades, for warmer, healthier and more comfortable homes reducing energy bills.  The Governments target is to achieve  500,000 home energy upgrades, to B2 Building Energy Rating (BER) standard, by 2030.

SEAI Grants

Superior Insulations is a registered SEAI contractor. Here are five things to know about SEAI grants:

  • Grants are for a fixed amount, they vary depending on the type of improvement, regardless of the size of your home
  • If the final value of the work is lower than the grant, then the lower will be refunded.
  • A BER (Building Energy Rating) must be completed after the work is completed. The BER is included in the grant scheme but cannot count as extra measure for the bonus grant.
  • SEAI must approve the grant before works start.
  • The grant offer is valid for six months after its notified.

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