Ecocel Insulation

Ecocel Insulation

What is Ecocel Insulation?

Ecocel Insulation is the sustainable solution because it is:-

NATURAL – It is made from natural fibres derived from recycled newspaper which would otherwise only end up in landfill. These fibres contain the carbon and water combined with chlorophyll stored during photosynthesis by the tress from which the paper as made. Ecocel thus contains 50% carbon dioxide, so a timber-framed house insulated with Ecocel acts as a carbon sink, sequestering many tons of CO2.

WARM – Studies of buildings insulated with cellulose show 30% to 40% reduction in energy demand when compared to those insulated with man-made mineral fibres.

AIRTIGHT – When cellulose is installed to a density of 48kg or more, it acquires a unique air-sealing ability, eliminating both convective and conductive heat loss.

FIRE SAFE – The borate-based fire retardants in cellulose are non toxic and provide a high level of fire resistance, meeting all fire protection standard and in effect, acting as a fire stop. This makes Ecocel Insulation very Fire Safe!

SUSTAINABLE – Cellulose has a very low embodied energy, which is the energy used in the manufacturing of a product. Man-made mineral fibre insulation consume huge amounts of energy to melt the sand.