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Wrap your home in a nice cosy blanket with External Wall Insulation – From this to this

External Insulation is a simple and easy way of thermally upgrading homes and buildings to prevent heat loss of up to 35%.  This can be done without much disruption as all works can be carried out whilst the buildings are occupied.

You may qualify for a ‘Better Energy Homes Grant’  There are grants available up to €3,600 so give us a call to discuss more.

What is External Insulation?

External insulation is simply a thick board of insulation (100mm Platinum or similiar) fixed onto the outside of your home with a brand new render (plaster) finish. The finish coat is pre-coloured so there’s no painting required afterwards.

The installation can be carried out while the building is occupied, so External Wall Insulation is a simple and easy option to reduce heat loss by up to 35%.




What are the advantages of External Wall Insulation?

  • Reduced CO2 Emissions
  • Stops condensation
  • Helps prevent mould and fungus growth
  • Increases Thermal Efficiency
  • Stops draughts
  • Lowers heating cost
  • Improved Aesthetic Finish
  • No Reduction in interior floor space
  • You won’t have to paint your the external render for at least 10 years (unless you want to)

So what is Powerwall?

Powerwall is the render (plaster) manufacturer we use. Powerwall hold certification from NSAI as a system supplier. Powerwall External render systems were developed in Scotland over 30 years ago and these are the 2 primary reasons we decided to use them. Firstly, the products are time tested (over 30 years) and secondly they are tested in an exposure region similar to (or even more severe than) our own here in the west. Couple that with the fact they are one of the biggest providers in Ireland and were one of the first to receive certification from NSAI.

Are there different types of Powerwall External Insulation?

Yes. There are three types of Powerwall External Insulation systems available which all hold NSAI and Irish Bord Agrement approvals

Powerwall System 1

This system is mainly used with Powerwall Dry-Dash Finish. It is a mid-weight insulation system and can be used to increase thermal efficiency in both the renovation of existing buildings and in new building projects. System 1 is flexible in that it can be attached to a wide variety of building substrates and building systems.

Powerwall System 2

A heavy weight insulation system designed for use in areas of high impact. A great variety of finishes from traditional wet cast render to modern acrylic based coatings are available for the completion of the system. Powerwall System 2 can be used on all types of surfaces.

Powerwall System 3

This is our most popular system because it looks and feels just like your typical smooth sand/cement plastered wall. An extremely light weight insulation system designed for use with modern acrylic renders. This system can be applied to virtually any substrate from masonry to calcium silicate board. The use of modern acrylics means a fantastic range of colour finishes are available for you to choose from.