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What type of insulation will suit your home?

“25%- 30% of heat is lost through un-insulated external walls.”

What choices of wall insulation are available if my home was built after 1960?

If your home was built after 1960, it probably is cavity wall construction. Therefore, the first solution is to fill the cavity with Ecobead Platinum. To further increase the insulation value of your home, External Wall Insulation can be applied. It is important to ensure that the cavity is filled before applying External Wall Insulation.

What type of wall insulation may I use if my home was constructed before 1960?

Most homes built before 1960 do not have a cavity. The options available include External Wall Insulation and internal dry-lining.

External Wall Insulation is the optimal solution because you are not restricted to the thickness of insulation applied to the outside of the house, thus gaining a higher energy value. In addition the living space is not reduced in your home. Furthermore, the inside of your home will not be disturbed when External Wall Insulation is installed.

In some instances, (e.g. a protected structure or planning permission limitations) you may not be allowed to apply External Wall Insulation. Therefore the remaining option is Dry-lining which Superior Insulations will install for you.

How much heat could I be losing through my attic and what can I do to reduce the loss?

30 to 35% of heat may be lost through the attic. Even if some insulation was installed in your attic at the time of construction or later, it probably is not sufficient enough to retain heat. Superior Insulations can assess the current attic insulation in your home to determine if you will benefit from additional attic insulation. Contact us now or locall 1890 253 221 to set up an appointment to assess your property insulation needs. Superior Insulations has selected Earthwool Attic insulation for its excellent heat retention and environmentally friendly properties. Spray Foam Insulation is another excellent solution for attics and tar-felt flat roofs.

Are there other insulation measures I can take to protect my home and reduce my bills?

Yes, poorly insulated plumbing in your attic cavity can waste even more energy every time you heat water in your home. If you’re thinking about having your attic insulated, it’s the perfect time to have your pipes properly insulated, too.

Superior Insulations can insulate your water storage tanks and pipes. ‘Stira’ (fold up attic stairs) or the attic hatch can be insulated and draught proofed. In addition, Superior Insulations can draught proof windows and doors. If you wish to upgrade your windows and doors, Superior Insulations can recommend energy saving windows and doors and can also install the products for you.

For difficult to reach areas (like some dormer nooks) and for commercial, agricultural and industrial buildings, Superior Insulations offers BioFoam Spray Foam Solutions.

Superior Insulations can address up to 80% of your heat loss by insulating walls, attics and windows and doors.