Good Ventilation is essential for a healthy and efficient building to remove “stale” air and replace it with “fresh” air.

– Helping to moderate internal temperatures.

– Helping to moderate internal humidity.

– Replenishing oxygen.

– Reducing the accumulation of moisture, odours, bacteria and dust.

Symptoms of ventilation problems.

  • Stuffy or stale conditions
  • Very low or high relative humidity, dampness or window condensation
  • Noise or drafts from air delivery vents
  • Dust and dirt accumulation
  • Reports of comfort or health issues
  • Unusually high utility costs


Very broadly, ventilation in buildings can be classified as ‘natural’ or ‘mechanical’.

Mechanical (or forced) ventilation is driven by fans or other mechanical plant.
Natural ventilation is driven by pressure differences between one part of a building and another, or pressure differences between the inside and outside.

Natural ventilation is generally preferable to mechanical ventilation as it will typically have lower costs.

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